How long does design/stitching process take?

Most designs will ship within two days of you approving your design proof.

What are your payment options?

I accept all credit card payments through Stripe! Email dana@getpicklethreads.com with any questions!

How are the designs shipped?

Completed jar lids are shipped through regular, first-class mail. Lids and jars are shipped USPS Priority Mail. Items can also be shipped UPS or UPS if you need it in a jiffy!

Can you ship to a different address?

Of course! Just let me know when you email your order. At this time, I do not offer gift wrapping, but the finished design comes in super cute packaging anyway!

What is a design proof? How do I approve it?

After your order is received, the exciting design process begins! You will be emailed an electronic proof of your custom design along with other details.

You approve a proof by simply replying to the proof email with the words "APPROVED" in the body of the email. Once received, let the stitching begin!

Can I order just what I see on the website without customizing?

Absolutely! Just let me know what you would like to order!

What if I don't see something that I want custom-made? 

By all means, just let me know! I will work with you to make your idea come true! I love doing new designs!

How often are new designs added?

Even with high order demand, new designs are added at least twice a week. Keep your eyes out for "What's New Wednesday!" I feature a new design at a special price every Wednesday.

Do you have gift wrapping?

At this time, I do not offer gift wrapping, but the finished lids come in super cute packaging!

What if I want a different color background instead of white?

Right now, white is the only choice. However (because I hate to say no!) there are some other colors out there and available. Just let me know what color cloth you want and I will requote you the project cost!

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Of course! Email your needs so I can quote you a quantity discount. Please note that large orders do take more time.

What is your return policy?

You can read it here!

What if I have a problem?

Oh dear! I hope that never happens, but sometimes it does. Please reach out ASAP so I can fix whatever problem you have.

Why only by email?

It's simple- I am working with custom orders and details are super important. Emails are excellent "detail keepers" for both of us! Asking lots of questions and never assuming anything makes a wicked happy and satisfied customer!