Days Until

"Days Until... ?" (you fill in the blank!)

This is new take on the traditional countdown chart!

Instead of crossing out a calendar or ripping off a number, you fill the jar with whatever goody/candy/whatever you want with the exact number of days you are counting down towards.

Each day you open and remove a goody/candy/whatever! Over time, you will see the jar get more and more empty!

Depending on how many days you are counting, you might have to refill the jar on a certain date (I can teach how to calculate and do that) OR I can get you a larger size jar! Email for a quote.

IDEAS: Days Until Christmas/ Days Until Birthday/ Days Until Baby/ Days Until Vacation/ Days Until Graduation/ Days Until your Braces Come Off/ Days Until Your Soldier Comes Home! The possibilities are endless!

Includes custom stitched lid AND 32oz mason jar.

Hand stitched upon each order!

Stitched on white 100% cotton Aida cloth using 100% cotton thread.

Gold regular mouth mason jar- lid size is 2 5/8 inches and design space is 2 inches.

100% customizable in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1- Go to "Custom Colors" tab and pick your favorite color(s).
  • Step 2- Write down your color group AND color #.
  • Step 3- TYPE your color numbers in the "Additional Information" box during checkout. That's it! You're done!